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Most dealers made about a $100 to $200 an hour, but they also worked long days and weekends. They had to be able to do it; if they weren’t, they would be paid less. These high-level and skilled people didn’t have to go to school, but their success, as is the case with all the other new people, was dependent on getting a high school diploma.

What kind of background did these people have?

For example, the head of a dealership who was known as “Big Bill,” he was a veteran of World War I and World War II, and he was president of the American Motor Car Company.

What kind of education did they need?

All these new people needed a degree from top-notch schools—usually the Ivy League schools as reported by the Hearst papers. When the Hearst press asked the question, “How many were given an education?” the reply was, “A lot.”

So it was all about access to education?

Correct. The top-notch schools were the very best. You have to have your grades “up” or high enough to be admitted into the best universities where the education was based on grades.

What about the “old timers,” a big part of what the Hearst papers portrayed as the motley crew they had on their payroll.

The old timers were all professionals. They had a lot of government jobs. One of the older associates was the assistant U.S. attorney in Los Angeles. So you have a few veterans in the whole group. One of the others had been president of the California State Rifle Association. He was a high school dropout. So that group included a lot of highly educated people, but it was all highly-educated people in their 20s and even older.

What kind of jobs did they do?

The dealers were responsible for handling the cars, but they had more responsibility than just selling cars. They also handled the other parts of the business—the service, the marketing, the advertising, the newspaper, the book—and they were on the road nearly the entire time and on the road often more than the average working adult.

Why do so many people come out of the Hearst press and tell their story now?

Cops: Man shoots at cops for asking him to get out of his way

The incident in East Liberty happened about 1:20 p.m. Saturday when officers were

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