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Richer people are more likely to win more, right? Wrong, according to a new study.

The researchers, from Northwestern, Northwestern Medicine and Northwestern University, analyzed data from a study that focused on the odds of winning millions of dollars at roulette. Each roulette wheel has a number of different numbers associated with it, called states of play, which provide the odds of winning and losing.

Roulette dice with red numbers in the center have a more powerful effect on people than its blue counterpart with blue numbers in the center, right. (Nanoscience News)

In the analysis, participants placed a white or red roulette wheel in their hands, and, after the ball had been removed from the wheel, were asked to select a number between 0 and 9 and then check the numbers off, or choose any one of a series that contained four or more numbers. In the two most popular choices — red and white — they would get a $2,000 bonus from the wheel. (Those lucky enough to win a $1,000 win got the $1,000 in play money only, to be divided between them and their opponents.)

After the study, the researchers looked at other ways to ensure that people always win big enough to play. If a contestant had to guess which side he or she was betting on, they were able to bet on any one of four outcomes. If a gambler used only one wheel, they got both sides of the wheel.

All of those strategies worked. However, there was a downside to all of them.
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In the roulette study, gamblers were shown one random option, “win at play $3,500,” and then were given seven choices of three other random outcomes — win $2,000 or lose $500. All of the wheel choices were the same, but in all of those cases, the person who won the most would get the $3,500 bonus, even though it wasn’t on the actual wheel.

That’s because it seemed as though the roulette wheel is a roulette wheel, and a winning player will always win big.

But the participants in the other study were shown two random options — “win $5” and “win $2,000” — and then were given five choices of other wheel choices, each with four or fewer values.

Those players who chose “win at play $2,000” made the least amount of money of the

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