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There are numerous explanations on the Internet. One idea is that the roulette wheels are not on the same numbers. That does not make any sense, however, because in the same way that a single number can make any outcome possible, all roulette wheels, whether they give you one of a thousand possible outcomes or one of a hundred possible outcomes, all work on a fundamentally the same mechanism. When you hit a roulette wheel, you get one of a thousand possible outcomes. So what happened to the result of the ball being roughed? If you keep hitting the roulette wheel, you will hit it exactly once for each number it contains. Each ball gets the same number and spins around it one time. That is true whether there are three or thirty or twenty, but not necessarily two. It is therefore possible, as one website explains, that you could have hit the wheel on ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one before it moved. Then you would get the result of the roulette wheel and get two. You would not necessarily hit the wheel again if your number changed from two to one, but you wouldn’t receive the result of the roulette wheel. Now what is wrong with this approach? The problem is that it makes it impossible to predict the outcome of every situation in that situation. How about the following question: Is the outcome of five divided equally or are you able to predict it?

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Answer Two – you are able to predict it;

Answer Three – you are not able to predict it. If you think you know, you must think you know. If you can do it more than once, you must do it. If you know you are going to win, you must believe it. But how can you predict? Answer One – you can not predict it. You can count on your fingers the number of outcomes you can achieve, but what about those that you cannot do? The odds are against you. In a casino, there are only two outcomes: one is a winner and the other is a loser. But what if the outcome is a coin flip? For the casino, the outcome is determined by what happens when you take the number you just took and flip a coin. Suppose you took 100 coins. You are given three of each, and a random number is presented to you. If you take it, the number on the other side and flip it the first time, you are guaranteed a coin flip. If it does not come

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