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Yes, there is. But there’s no European roulette to compare it with. It’s simply playing roulette all over the world at a great speed because it works so well. You don’t see the casinos having any trouble at all. For example, when my grandfather died I was in Chicago on my own for five or six months until I could do one of your rounds for the first time. I played a couple of rounds in Las Vegas, and while I found the experience very interesting and somewhat enjoyable. It’s an exhilarating experience to play, though, because you know all about the house, which you can do at the very beginning and which becomes very important later on.

The White Ribbon Campaign has now been running since February 2016 and we’ve had a huge impact on changing attitudes and lives of millions of UK children and young people. Our work has helped to prevent and tackle violent and sexual attacks against young people in schools and colleges, reducing the availability of handguns and knives, cutting levels of physical assault and knife crime, reducing youth homelessness, and preventing and tackling sexual and gender-based violence against young people. It is a real shame that the UK can no longer claim to be a country of ‘no-go zones’ for young people.

This is why White Ribbon is launching the campaign ‘Stop The Stigma’ in an effort to tackle the stigma that affects young people.

With more than 70,000 people signing White Ribbon’s petition to end this stigma around young people and their experiences, it is clear that the stigma surrounding the term ‘Stigma’.

While stigma is about more than just what is being said or done in a negative way – it is about what’s being concealed by how one looks or acts. It is about the power of ‘truisms’ and messages of other ideologies including ‘you’re not as good as you think you are’ and the idea that people are born with certain stereotypes or prejudices. It’s about the power of language, the power of perception and how we talk about each other. In short, it is about the power of perception, the power of the media and how they create the perception of ‘the other’ in our society.

In recent years it has become a matter of great concern that young people aren’t talking about, or even hearing about, violent and sexual assault and knife crime as part of young people’s normal lives. This is true for young people of all ethnicities and from all backgrounds, regardless of socioeconomic status, sexual

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