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The odds of picking the right number in any number of roulette numbers are 1/e^3. One would have to have a 100% chance of getting it right each time, or be born with a 100% chance of getting it right every time, which isn’t going to happen. If you really wanted to find out, you’d find out.

This isn’t a completely useless test either. It works in fact and in fact, and that’s the point. The odds of a random roulette ball going in a specific direction is about 1 out of 3,000 for every 100 balls. That’s less than the odds of winning the lottery, but more than the chances of winning the lottery in general. It works equally well when you’re playing slots, even though that is a completely different game.

Let’s move on to the real reason why we’re doing this.

I’ve always wanted to be a scientist.

A few months ago, I had a conversation with Sam Parnia about what I should be doing when I was in my mid-20s. He said that if I was really into science, I’d come up with an idea that sounded interesting, but wouldn’t make sense. The problem is that a lot of ideas don’t make sense at all. I was pretty sure I needed a major scientific-sounding name, or something to prove how useful my idea was, but I also wondered why he thought I was into that at all in the first place.

Then, one morning, I suddenly remembered the answer.

My name is Aaron.

It turns out I got into science because my dad took me to his science fair, where our teacher explained a science project. He thought it was a very good idea, but said that it was “unscientific” and that it “had some problems”. I knew then that I didn’t have a problem with scientific principles, but that there were problems with my idea of a science project. I would have to be a very good scientist to pass those problems along. But then maybe I’d have a problem with science itself, and my dad and science were not compatible somehow.

He’d been a chemist, who had a strong interest in genetics, and didn’t really have any interest in physics. But it didn’t take long after that for me to realise that my dad was just an idiot. I’d always liked to be in a lab and understand the science, which was the opposite of what I thought

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