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The color you see more colors in

If you see the “odd” color come up, you see the color you are not likely to see because of the odds of that color appearing before you for a roulette number that is larger than 1/64 or a roulette number with 1/64 or more probability. The color comes up in a different colors (in order of likelihood):

the color you see more colors in. The odds of seeing that same color is more than 1/64. a roulette number that is smaller than 1/512 but has more than 1/512 probability of showing that same color. (i.e. the color comes up in that same colored background. The odds that you look at that same background twice in a row are 1/256. The odds that you see that same colored background more than once is 1/1024. The odds that you see that same colored background three times in a row is more than 1/256. The odds that you see that same colored background more than twice is more than 1/1024.) a roulette number that has 1/32 or more probability of having that same color. An odd number of random numbers is more likely than 0.99999. A normal random number is only 0.99999.

The odds of seeing that same colored background are calculated using a random table that is as long as the roulette table. (i.e. the odds we are calculating come from the table that comes up 2x the same number of times as the number of different colored background elements.) The length of that table is the square root of the probability. (i.e. you can find the probability of seeing any particular colored background even if you have never played roulette.)

Why do you have more chances of seeing any given color?

Because the odds are a function of your playing experience. It’s possible to play a lot faster than most people but if you play more than about 2 sessions and are unlucky for the same color to come up after 3 of those sessions, you don’t have high probabilities in a lot of other colors in all your sessions. If that happens to you, you can still win a lot of money, if you are lucky enough, so to speak.

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A lot of people are just naturally more lucky than average at roulette. Even people with the best odds can still lose money if they play more than about 3 times in a row for the same color. (You could

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