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The use of a double-barreled rifle or shotgun or shotgun ammunition in the United States is prohibited for all purposes. (A double-barreled rifle or shotgun includes a rifle or shotgun that has a barrel longer than 16 inches and another that has a barrel length of 17 inches with the shotgun having the barrel shorter than 17 inches.) You can read more at The Law Dictionary: What it Means and What it Means for the Law. The use of a semiautomatic handgun or shotgun in the United States is prohibited for all purposes. You can read more at The Law Dictionary: What it means and What it means for the Law. Note: The use of shotguns, assault weapons, air rifles, machine guns, short-barreled shotguns such as the AR-15 and the M-14 or “Stinger” shotgun, and rifles capable of lethal cartridges with a detachable ammunition magazine is not considered a “weapon of war”. There is a clear distinction between “weapons of war” (i.e., long-barreled rifles and shotguns, as defined below) and “weapons of mass destruction”, and weapons of mass destruction are prohibited across the board. Read the Gun Control Act of 1968, passed in the wake of the bombing of the U.S. Embassy and the USS Cole on 15 October, 2000 and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Act of 1991 (which was also passed just before 9/11) – both banned all semi-automatic firearms – for more on these laws.

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A man has been stabbed in the jaw and neck on the Strand in Newcastle – a victim of the latest violent crime wave in the capital.

Police and a coroner have been at the scene of the attack at around 4pm on Saturday night. The victim suffered serious stab wounds on his neck and jaw and was rushed to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary for treatment (see bottom picture below).

A 20-year-old man was arrested and remains in custody at Newcastle Crown Court.

No arrests have been made in relation to Friday’s knife attack on an 18-year-old man in the Strand on Tuesday but further enquiries are being conducted.

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Sleeping is important for the sleep disorder, but some people do struggle to get rest. One easy solution to insomnia is to put on a show. In the past few years, you’ve probably seen a lot of people wearing costumes, singing songs and even dancing to fit in.