What does Russian Roulette mean?

Russian Roulette is a dice game played with Russian roulette dice.

It is often played with roulette coins.

A Russian roulette coin will produce three heads when rolled, but will also have three tails when rolled.

So what happens in a Russian roulette game?

Well for the roulette player the game is over once the three heads or three tails are produced.
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For you, let’s say the dice are split into three equal parts which are rolled a total of nine times. Once that is done the game is over.

The roulette player wins the game.

After the game, the dice are placed in a pile in which the three tails form are placed down.

And if you remember in the movie “Dawn of the Dead”, the zombies die after they break three tails off.

To make sure you don’t die, don’t roll any of the three tails.

In Russians Roulette, you always make sure you only roll one tail.

After rolling the dice, the dice are placed back into the pile, where they will be added to make two tails. And there is one more tail.

Only when done does the game finish.

The final number produced is the number of heads or tails, as set by the first roll that produces three heads or all three tails.

Which can be written as 9.

It doesn’t matter what number is rolled, the game is over.

Russian Roulette will work on your Russian roulette coins.

Do you know a Russian Roulette game that we should try?

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Have you tried Russian Roulette?

Have you found any Russian Roulette games that we should test out?

Have you tried a Russian Roulette game? Please let us know in the comments!

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