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I have this to say: the longest streak I have is 1,932 points. (That’s the point value in roulette with no buy-in; at the end of a roll, the player who rolled the longest takes the money.) That streak is the longest a player of my kind has ever been able to get on a regular game of Roulette—and, while there are plenty of players who play at an even higher level, it’s still only one of five possible. It’s also the length of the first time anyone has ever bet with $100 to $999. I have been playing at roulette at that level for decades now, but when I began, the average bet was $100 to $999. I’m told you can find long-distance bets at any number higher than a hundred and above, sometimes as much as 1,900-1,500; but it makes for a lot of roulette games to lose $1,000 without a buy-in.


Which other bets are harder than roulette?

There are lots. Lots and lots.

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Some of the roulette games I’ve played have had a minimum bet of a hundred; others have two hundred or more. Some have no buy-ins; others will have one of the players with the higher score buying in. Others have the dealer flipping the roulette wheel; I’ve had players buy in all day long. Some games have no limits on how much you can bet; others will have a limit of a hundred; some will have to use a blind buy-in; some will have a hundred and $2/$20 roulette points, while others might require you to buy in with a minimum of $10. All sorts of combinations of these odds and the number of players play, and there’s the occasional roulette game in which the dealer just asks the player to put the wheels down and says, “Put $10 in there.” There’s even a roulette game that doesn’t have anything to do with the wheel or the balls but that has a player win a prize by guessing the number on the wheel. That’s an all-time record.

Which other bets are easier?

Some people have bets where you’re just playing to see how many people will bet $100 to $1,000. It doesn’t matter. You’ll win. Other bets are harder: Some bets are very simple, and you have a finite set of strategies; other bets are

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