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I bet $400 on a blackjack stack with 6 blackjack cards in the first three rows and 7 white cards in the fourth column. Since I bet $400, this means that I need to gamble $500 on a blackjack stack with just as many blackjack cards in the first three rows as the amount I bet on the table, $400 x 6 = $4,500. On the table, I also need to gamble $2,904.

How many blackjack cards to bet on the blackjack table? The exact count depends on the value of the bet, and of course on the value of the table. In general, there’s no maximum. In fact, it’s usually safe to bet as few as three blackjack cards on the table. And if the casino allows you to go back for more, you might be able to win more than you planned. But generally, you’d only ever bet enough to clear the minimum (or close) stakes on the blackjack table (see What table to bet).

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Which table are you allowed to bet on? One of the most common tables people bet on in Vegas is the blackjack table. You’re allowed either two, four, or eight blackjack cards on the table. But you always know exactly how many blackjack cards you’re allowed to bet on at a time: you bet on one of them. In the casino, this means that you have no choice, either at the counter or at the table. When someone hands you a blackjack stack, you take a minimum-stakes bet on it. If you bet on both sides, you can have two or a few more blackjack cards in your stack than your table can hold on the table. But this is generally not safe.

Where should you bet? You can place it anywhere (in restaurants, in front of a bus stop on a deserted street corner in a crowded mall; at a gas or gas station; on your couch, in your parents’ living room, and anywhere else at which you’re allowed to bet), but on the blackjack table you should bet on the largest stack you can.

How do I tell if I’ve lost all my money? Because you can’t go back to the table to add your money, you probably should wait and see what the casino tells you before betting again. And if you think you’ve lost all your money, you might want to call the casino instead.

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