What is the only mathematically beatable game in a casino? – Best Online Roulette Strategy

“No. The only thing you can beat in a poker pot is the house.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

When was your last poker bet?

“I’ve been out on a few, but I haven’t yet gotten the hang of it.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

How about a question you cannot answer?

“Are you a computer?”

-Jim Ross, retired professional


Did you ever lose a poker bet?

“No, at least the way that it looks.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

And what about a question you cannot answer?

“Who are you?”

-Jim Ross of Los Angeles

What does “the only game you can beat in an casino is the house” have to do with anything?

“It’s something that we do. We don’t always beat the house, but we have a better chance of doing a better job of it.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

How many tables or machines do you have?

“Well, I’ve been around for 40 plus years, and I’ve seen a lot of things and played a lot of things. I like to call it the one-table-only thing.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

Is there one place that you go where you don’t think any of the regulars play?

“Most of the time not.”

-Jim Ross of Los Angeles

Is this the only place where you have a poker room?

“I’ll say no, but I think that’s another thing that we do really well at.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

Would you say that everyone who plays here has experience at one point or another?

“No, that’s definitely not the case.”

-Jim Ross of Los Angeles

How do you get started at PGA?

“I can tell you one thing. What did you do a lot early on in this business? You bet.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas

What is the biggest difference in playing golf at a place like the PGA versus other sports?

“The competition. It’s like the big leagues for people like that. It’s intense, physical, hard-hitting, competitive.”

-Steve Mudd of Las Vegas


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