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“In the summer of 2017 I would not be surprised to see it be the biggest.”

The winner of the tournament next year will also become the first European to have won the world’s largest jackpot in a casino.

‘World’s richest slot machine’

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption How could the world’s richest casino benefit the poorest of the planet?

The money won will be split between four causes: $1.2 billion in medical research – mainly for Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and cancer – and $700m in education, including money for local school boards; $1.6bn in clean energy projects in developing countries; $300m for the Global Partnership for Empowerment and Development, which aims to empower 2.3 billion youth globally by 2018; $20m for the UN Millennium Development Goals, which are aimed at ending extreme poverty by 2015; and $100m for local governments battling poverty.

The tournament’s final is scheduled for 21 November 2017, just hours after the final in Vegas.

The winner receives a plaque with a picture of himself next to the prize, said BBC Newsnight’s correspondent Chris Morris.

It is currently in a “secret” location.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The world’s richest casino had previously sold tickets as well as prizes such as a TV slot machine

The prize fund “in its full, undisguised state” is $1.6bn (£935m), according to the organisers.

‘Most powerful machine’

Earlier this year, the company behind the cash game – Siam’s World Casino in Bangkok, Thailand – was fined $942,000 (£625,000) following a long legal dispute with the Thai government.

It was fined by the country’s gambling regulator over its “dysfunctional” management of poker machine sales after claims that it was a “front for gambling”.

The Thai government said it feared the company was a “front for a lucrative gambling business” that would be responsible for a loss of nearly €5bn (£3.4bn; $5.2bn).

Other casinos using the game have recently emerged in cities across the world, in a move to attract more people to play.

The world’s largest slot machine – the $1.99 world record cash game in Dubai – will feature in a US charity auction being held by the International Game Developers Association on 16 September.


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