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The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it would not prosecute the owner of a firearms dealer who made national headlines when he tried to sell an AK-47 to a man on federal watchlist.

The undercover dealer was attempting to sell a gun to a customer while the FBI was monitoring him, according to the court documents.


FBI Special Agent Brian Foley gave him a note that had his name, address and Social Security number listed on it, and the undercover dealer agreed to meet with him in New York City.

At a New York store, the suspect entered with an AK-47- style assault rifle, and began talking about “how to use it,” the documents say.

A clerk took possession of the gun, and the undercover dealer told her he had purchased it from another New York dealer, who had been monitoring the man’s dealings and wanted a discount for providing FBI details.

A short time later, the undercover dealer was at his doorstep, and was escorted out by local police, the documents say.

Foley contacted his supervisor, FBI Special Agent in Charge David Wintrich, who advised him the agency would not charge or find the gun used in the New York incident.

“Based on information we have so far and based upon what we know so far in terms of the investigation,” Wintrich wrote in the email, “the FBI is not prepared to recommend any criminal charges against Mr. Sullivan, nor the defendant, who is the proprietor of this gun shop.”

It is not clear whether the bureau prosecuted the AK-47-style assault rifle that the undercover dealer was trying to sell.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives told The Hill, “The decision not to issue a criminal charge is the FBI’s, not the ATF’s.”

One of the more controversial features of Android — the feature in its recent update to the operating system that allows phone and tablet users to connect two different hardware devices and share their screen — recently made its way into Apple’s Mac OS X.

Developers on the Mac app store are currently sharing video of a demonstration involving a “dual-display” setup. In place of one screen running a full-screen desktop-type app, a second one is installed on both devices, and it displays one full-screen app on the phone’s screen and another on

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