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When it comes to gambling, Singapore is in the top 10. In 2011, the city state made 7.7 million bets, according to data compiled by Casino.com, which tracks the amount of money wagers by gamblers worldwide. The only country among the top 10 is the UK, although it is the country with the biggest gambler population within its borders. As gambling is illegal in some countries, Singapore citizens can bet, as long as it’s not illegal inside the country.

A large study in mice shows that cannabinoids, and specifically cannabidiol, can stimulate and protect against cancer cells.

The results have significant implications for treating and perhaps curing cancer and other cancer-related diseases. For decades, research in the lab and in the clinic has focused primarily on targeting certain types of cancer cells by using drugs such as chemotherapy to slow down their growth. The new study, published in the journal FASEB Journal on Thursday, may change that outlook and lead to novel new treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Using a mouse model called the H1N1 virus, the scientists found that cannabinoids — a class of chemicals that mimic the feel of marijuana — inhibited and even prevented the growth of numerous types of tumor cells. The researchers also found that cannabidiol reduced the cells’ ability to evade apoptosis (programmed cell death). (A “cell-cycle checkpoint” is a type of protective apoptotic cell suicide that occurs when certain cell types are unable to be killed by apoptotic death)

“There has been recent interest in targeting cancer cells using cannabinoids as therapeutic drugs. But before we can do that, we need to know the right targets. And cannabidiol is a promising candidate,” said senior author Robert G. Mays, PhD, lead author on the study and professor in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. “The results we saw show that cancer cells are resistant to the antitumor effects of cannabinoid treatments; the question is, what else is there? It might be possible to develop strategies for treating cancer based on CB1/CB2 receptors instead of cancer itself.”
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CB1 receptors are expressed on a large array of cells in the body, and are primarily responsible for many biological processes that contribute to the protection of the human body from infections, disease and many other biological effects, including inflammation. CB2 receptors are found on several other types of cells, including cells in the immune system, and are responsible for many biological functions including

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