Which countries gamble the most? – Most Common Roulette Patterns

In 2016, the biggest losers are:

US: $16,450 ($24,600 after taxes)

Australia: $18,300 ($32,600 after taxes)

Belgium: $20,450 ($39,900 after taxes)

France: $25,400 ($47,300 after taxes)

Germany: $30,700 ($48,100 after taxes)

China: $34,600 ($57,400 after taxes)

Japan: $35,000 ($58,100 after taxes)

Poland: $49,550 ($68,000 after taxes)

South Korea: $57,550 ($82,700 after taxes)

Mexico: $74,800 ($110,300 after taxes)

Russia: $76,400 ($120,700 after taxes)

UK: $83,600 (before tax)

Netherlands: $83,600 (before tax)

The safest bets are the UK and China.

In the UK, there are also some very good odds on Italy. If the Italian national team does not qualify for the World Cup, there is a great chance the Euros will come to England, with a possible home draw in the third round. The game will then be played in front of a home crowd in front of a TV audience of more than 30 million people – a very good outcome for the Sky Sports coverage.

If Italy wins the game in England, the country has a good chance to qualify for the World Cup.

The top losers are the Netherlands (including the country’s Euro 2016 qualifying spot). If the Netherlands is not in the World Cup, the game will not be played in Amsterdam. An away tie would still leave them in Group P, and they would require a bonus draw in the last eight if they are successful – with the winner moving on automatically – to secure a home qualifying place for Russia.

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