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According to this ranking, only six countries win the most: The US (1st), UK (2nd), Germany (3rd), Belgium (4th), France (5th), Italy (6th). According to a new book “Vikings: The Art and Artistry of Ragnar Lothbrok and His Giants,” by Michael T. Williams and Martin Tormey, most of the Vikings’ greatest victories came in battle in the northern reaches of Europe. In the region of Britain, the Vikings were famous for fighting against the Normans, the invaders of the Viking empire. But the Vikings suffered losses when, in 888 A.D., the Viking army turned back from Norway to the north of England.

This lead to one of the biggest Viking attacks in history, which took place in England, where they sacked the castle of York. From there the Vikings travelled to Scandinavia, where a massive fleet, comprised of ships from every nation, sailed to Scandinavia. They arrived there in 869 A.D., where they took back the fortress of Nidaros, the only inhabited island in the North Atlantic Ocean, as well as the surrounding lands.[1]

The story is also told how the Vikings set their sights on other lands, both in Europe and North America.[2] When Norway decided to join the English in 866, it was because of their naval superiority, and many other European countries agreed to join, like Iceland, who accepted the offer to join in 938.[3] The Vikings also attempted to make inroads in the Americas. During 916 AD, the Vikings attacked the town of Olmec, about 40 miles (64 km) south of Mexico City, and destroyed many of the settlers.[4]

For their raids against the Normans, the Vikings usually brought ships to be launched from their land. The Vikings were known for carrying only the best, and often a lot of their ships got destroyed in battle at sea, due to some flaws of their ships.[2] The Vikings’ fleet was also known for its huge size and number of ships.[2] Although many people think that the Vikings’ biggest victory was taking the city of Canterbury from the Normans, this was only the beginning of their conquests. The Vikings later took the famous island of Jersey, which was inhabited by the English. When they made their first voyage to Ireland, they only returned with a small number of survivors, including four men. These four are said to have died

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