Who is the richest casino owner?

John L. Lewis, of Atlanta

John L. Lewis, of Atlanta (Photo: Julio Cortez / AP)

The fourth richest person in Georgia may be an Atlanta man, with $1.4 billion dollars of his own, according to Forbes.

John L. Lewis is considered the most successful African American casino owner in casino history. A retired carpenter and civil engineer, Lewis founded an Atlanta company in the 1950s and has been in the business for more than 50 years.

Among many other factors, Lewis has amassed the largest ownership stake in Atlantic City, making more than 400 casinos on five continents.

If you look at the Forbes list, Lewis is the wealthiest person in Georgia with $1.4 billion, while John L. Williams, the richest man in Alabama, is second on the list at $1.23 billion.

John Lewis did not return calls for this article. He previously said a lot about casinos: “The good thing about casinos is they don’t get you pregnant. But you’ll still want to keep a casino close by because you never know when you’re gonna have to go somewhere and there’s a chance you’ve been taken by a stripper.”

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What is an Inconvenient Truth?

The following is a list of events from the past few months wherein the media has published stories that would make any conspiracy theorist’s head explode in a fit of rage and disgust. It is, however, by, not a conspiracy theorist, but a journalist for the Washington Post, that one can read about these events and even learn from them without fear of being ostracised and harassed.

As you will see, these stories about the National Security Agency’s mass surveillance programmes have all been published, in some form or another, before in The Washington Post’s “intelligence correspondent” column. Here in the post, I have provided links to the stories I have read and compared the details to what you are likely to have seen on television and in newspaper headlines.

First, an excerpt of a report about US spy operations around the world;

On a Sunday last month, a British spy plane flew from Berlin to Baghdad on its own. The aircraft is part of a US military “counter-terrorism” mission. An agent from MI6, the British equivalent of America’s National Security Agency, boarded the aircraft by posing as a refugee. That