Why do casino always wins?

In the 1980’s, casinos started to take out some of the profit, so they decided to start running low roll-over limit tables. By doing this, they were able to take less from their money.

Some people will take what they can get.

But others are willing to take whatever they can get. And what was a low roll-over table a long time ago, is now a high roll-over table.

Here’s how it works, and why it’s a big deal, if you think about it:

If you had an old piece of paper that said 2-6, you would roll a pair and bet on the low roll-over. And if that was the only bet you had made on the table at that time, you would be winning most of the time on that table.

And if you rolled a 2, that means you’re losing on the second pair. And if you rolled a 6, that means you’re not winning on the second pair. Therefore, you have already bet the highest amount you can with your low roll-over because you have already picked the winner in the roll-over, so you can’t possibly lose on your next round. And remember, there’s a big difference between drawing and betting low.

This is why you can’t just assume you’ll be able to bet low, and have it be profitable for you.
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The low roll-over rule of thumb is now a total myth.

How to Bet Low for Gaming Profits

So how do you bet low for gaming profits?

Don’t bet low on a high roll-over, but keep all of your low bets, and then bet low every single time you make a low roll-over. Do not bet low on a pair of 2 or a 6, but bet low on every single low single bet.

This can make winning on the low roll-over much harder for everyone else. It does, however, help to ensure that the winner of the low roll on the low single bet is the winner on the next two low single bets.

You need to bet low from the start, because that’s the only way your opponent can be sure of the lowest roll-over or pair-in bet possible. And if you bet low on a low single bet, you can often make your low single bet more profitable by betting some of your low roll-overs and low bets early on.

It helps if