Why do casino always wins?

A lot of people say because of the amount of slots they have, people always lose. If there is really that much gambling that’s going on, why do people lose? People have always had this misconception. A lot of people say because poker is so hard, you always lose when you do it. Poker is so hard because there is not much time on the clock to try and win. Most people play poker for the money. That’s my opinion…

You’ve also worked with The Edge who, in a poker tournament recently, did really well. Did that give you a much greater insight into how things are at tournaments today?

Of course! If you don’t take advantage of a poker tournament by spending money on good players then it’s pretty sad. With the exception of people who play poker exclusively, the people who win those tournaments…they usually have much better decks or much better luck, as well. There is nothing wrong with that, only negative.

Gambler bets $35,000 of chips on single roulette spin and wins ...
Have you had many more bad results in tournaments compared to your more successful poker career? Or do you find that the poker world is more competitive now?

I have been around a long time and have met some wonderful people. I think the world is more competitive now. This may sound weird, but I think people really care and you can’t hide from that. When they hear that a certain player has done very well and is going to win the whole thing, they are going to start to follow their own beliefs. People are less willing to invest in a certain player because they know he is winning. I think there is a lot more of a pressure involved in poker now and you will see more of that and less of the old style of playing poker.

So we’re in a world of constant change…

The world is changing. As an example, the world is now using PokerStars, which they originally got from their big-time players. So now more players are using the sites and there is nothing stopping me from using PokerStars. If I have the opportunity to buy the site, why wouldn’t I?

Are you happy to see poker in the spotlight like this, and how much more accessible it is for those who previously hadn’t had a chance to go to a tournament?

I think it comes at an odd time for poker. Last year [2016] was like the year of the poker professional. Last year many people played in big tournaments, such as in the US Open. I was at