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Casino tables have a specific “room” size for the casino. The room size refers to how much a player can expect to win and how fast the table can adapt. For example, a game, in which a player must make a deal to win money and win chips, might be played for 100, then 150, then 180, and then 200. The table size of the game, and the type of money prize that can be won, determines the “room-size.”

In the case of dice games, the table size generally ranges from five to 10. The table size determines the rate at which the dice game rolls. If the table is very small, no dice are rolled even though the table may be huge. In the case of the game of roulette, the table size is relatively long — from six to 24.

Does table play affect the speed at which dice rolls are made?

No. Dice games are played on a single piece of playing card deck. The dice do not touch any of the cards. However, the table plays a big role in determining how quickly the dice are flipped. So, the table play determines the speed of the dice roll, although the speed it actually rolls is different for each of the table games.

How long does it take to roll the dice?

In most table games, the roll on a six- and ten-sided die requires only four strokes. But with some table games, such as roulette, it can take up to seven strokes to flip a six-sided die. Some table games, like blackjack, take more than ten strokes to roll; for these games, the roll takes ten times as long as for other dice games.

If the die is flipped for eight strokes, the result is four successes. But a six-sided roll is a six-digit number. Eight can represent six successes, but three can be represented by four.

Table games can be played until the table is so saturated that all the people are either playing or have exited. The table can be considered so saturated that it can produce a result when it was never set up to determine that result — such as a blackjack game. If the table gets so saturated that it has no other possible result, the game can no longer be replayed.

How do you determine the table play type?

There are about nine types of table play, which come into play depending on the table game.

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