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The new Universal Credit (UC) will, by and large, allow households to keep their old benefits and keep receiving Universal Credit. But, there is a problem with this – even if you have a job or are a full-time student, you can still be a benefit impostor. For every person whose earnings are over the minimum threshold, they get this job-based benefit – whether they’re actually working or not.

Many people on Universal Credit would like to work, but don’t have an alternative option for a job that would allow them to maintain their benefits. This can result in benefits being shifted onto others and in some cases a person could be effectively denied a job or the ability for a job to be carried out.

In a recent consultation, the DWP suggested the introduction of new benefits which would make it easier for claimants to be a benefit impostor. These could cover things such as:

a work allowance which is deducted from earnings during incapacity benefit or a reduced carer payment

employment support allowance, which is a payment to help a disabled person work

some form of personal independence payment, for example if you’re disabled and want to go on a job that requires a personal carer

You can’t move onto a new job when you are on incapacity benefit. Some disability benefit, such as disability living allowance, will always be paid to you if you’ve had your benefits reduced.

Can you get jobseekers allowance or income support to do a job?

Jobseekers allowance or income support can help people who are unable to work because of a disability, or who are self employed, or who do not have other sources of income. These payments are also available for people who are unemployed and need some financial help.

Can you keep paying your Universal Credit benefits or move onto other benefits without losing your Universal Credit?

Yes. However, some people won’t be able to keep their benefits if they do. That’s because the rules around benefit fraud and benefit fraud in particular are complex. This can result in some people whose benefits are moved onto others, or taken out of them without their consent.

This means that if you’re a benefit impostor, it could result in your benefits being held by the Department and you losing your Universal Credit.

What if you’re on Universal Credit for over a year or even with multiple claimants? Can you stop getting a Jobseeker’s allowance?

Universal Credit for a long

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