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No, not in general. But in certain situations, to protect the integrity of a community, the UN takes on additional responsibilities, such as in areas where there is a high need for development aid or other international assistance.

Why are there no United Nations schools in Kenya?

Schools are not established for religious purposes, so many schools in Kenya are non-religious.

What should people do in emergencies?

After an earthquake, many people try to flee with what they have. They run to the nearest road, trying to cross, and are swept away by the torrential surge. Others take shelter under collapsed homes or on hillsides.

If the earthquake occurred in November 2014, the quake caused some damage in the coastal areas but didn’t cause any fatalities. Most of the damage occurred in and around Lagos. Most people did not try to flee inland because of lack of adequate resources.
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This is very similar to the situation with the 2009 earthquakes in California. Many coastal residents fled inland and had not taken shelter in the interior of the state. The quake also did not cause any fatalities in the coastal areas. The population returned to the coastal areas in January 2014 after receiving assistance from UN agencies, NGOs and the U.S. Red Cross. However, an estimated 100,000 residents of the inland areas were still without access to basic services or had no means of transportation.

People can still live in their communities if they have the ability to pay, and the insurance and relief agencies are providing adequate resources to help people with basic needs.

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Let me quickly cover the big one right now

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