How can I get a government grant?

You can apply for grants throughout Canada through a number of agencies. The Government of Canada will award the grants to organizations through these channels:

You can apply for a grant through the Canadian Council for Animal Care (CCAC).

The Canada Council for Animal Care (CCAC) organizes national animal-loan programs and assists with national and international grants. Your CCAC loan and grant can help you pay the difference in the cost of animal care.

There are four CCAC organisations that are registered with the Canada Revenue Agency:

You can receive a grant from your school or other community group (for example, a group of students).

You can apply online to apply for a grant at .

. The CCAC can also apply for grants through other departments of the Government of Canada.

How much must I pay for grants?

Funding rates vary – how much you pay depends on the cost of caring for farm animals, including the cost of feed, veterinary care, feed supplement, veterinary vaccines, medication, shelter space, pet medication, dog food and pet litter. You must take steps to budget for the costs of your animal care and make sure everyone who uses animals has access to these expenses.

Why should I apply for a grant?

If you care for an animal in your home and you receive a grant for the cost of caring for that animal, you can save more money, by:

paying down debt

getting a credit in case that money isn’t repaid

getting more time with the animals

If you think that you will be in a situation that could qualify you for a grant, please visit the CCAC to apply.

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