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Tax deduction:

Companies take a deduction of up to 20 percent for every dollar they pay in state and federal taxes. That’s up to $10,000 for small businesses and $50,000 for large business, says David Anderson, a partner at Pyle Public Affairs. State and local tax deductions are based on adjusted gross income, or the amount of profits you’re reporting.

Business deduction:

The amount companies can take in to reduce their taxes. The deduction is based on the total amount of sales you make and expenses you incur. You can deduct your current state and local taxes in any year on your federal income tax return. The amount you can deduct, however, is limited based on your income.

For example, let’s say you bought one thing at $10,000 but you bought $50,000 worth and deduct $40,000 in taxes. The tax you can deduct: $8,800. To use a simple example, if you own a pizza shop, you can deduct up to 25 percent of the sales price of any pizza you sell to restaurants you pay a tax on (as long as you’re not contributing any income). That applies to any type of restaurant you own.

Small businesses can also take an itemized deduction. Under current law, small organizations can itemize their taxes, which are subtracted from the overall deductions.

Example: You own a small clothing company. You have three employees and you make $20,000 a year. You figure that your business costs $10,000 a year, and you can deduct $5,000 a year in property taxes, which is your property tax deduction.

You don’t have to take the same deduction if you’re a non-profit or a labor organization. But to take a tax deduction, you have to be an individual taxpayers or a trade association.

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By John G. Mello, Jr., M.D.

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By John G. Mello, Jr., M.D.

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