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When the DHHS is administered by an executive branch agency, like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the agency in New Jersey has responsibility for administering the laws and regulations in force. When DHHS is administered by a state agency, like the Department of Environmental Protection, such as the NJ DEP, the state has primary responsibility for the health of its residents.

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What happens if I miss a hearing or don’t qualify to receive an exemption?

If you miss a hearing or don’t qualify to receive an exemption during a hearing or appeal, you are responsible for complying with your state’s licensing laws.

“A single strike is as devastating to a creature as a thousand spears”


Rurik is one of the heroes in the Chronicles of Darkness setting.

He is mentioned by a character in the second edition Chronicles of Darkness Player’s Guide, who was reading it.

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Rurik was one of the first people who heard of Artyom’s experiments on the blood of the angels. He knew that some were bound to this world, but was also certain that there was more and more to it.

In fact, his name was originally Irra, although many of his friends, family, and comrades, including the archangel Michael, insisted on calling him Rurik. Irra was not the son of a noble family that ruled vast territories across a continent, but the son of one of the lesser angelic families. This name was given the angelic by the patriarch of the lesser angels, who had heard his tales of angels that had been born to their father. To honor him or his family in his old age, the patriarch had created a special ritual that would allow the newborn angels to live a life of purity and prosperity.

Rurik had heard from one of his childhood friends, Terence “Tad” Jones, that the archangel Michael had taken a disciple, called Sain, and that Sain had come to Heaven and had been given a mission to protect the children of Heaven and to heal the Fallen angels. When Rurik learned of this, he had come to know Sain as he had a bond with the angelic that had been given to him by Michael. (T&E)

Rurik was born as Irra in the city of Anar-Rup,

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