Is fafsa free money? – Available Government Grants For Individuals

If you are not a FAFSA-free student, but are allowed to use a government scholarship to help pay tuition, you’re also free to get some of that money without being a student.

Many people use federal Pell Grant (formerly known as the Federal Direct Student Aid (FDSA) program) to pay for college, as long as they meet other criteria as well, including a high school GPA of at least 3.2, good attendance and attendance at school.

However, a lot of students who take federal money to pay for college get it in the form of a cash-equivalent scholarship, which is a state-sponsored loan that can be used for undergraduate students at public colleges, university students at private colleges and graduate students at private schools.

This is the program called the Federal Student Aid (FSA) program. And it is one of the most important federal aid programs.

FSA programs

How to apply for the FAFSA

To apply for the FAFSA, you can visit and follow the steps.

How to check the eligibility of your student with your parents

If your parent is eligible, but not applying at all, your student will see these instructions.

How to check the eligibility of your student with your spouse

If your spouse is already eligible, this page will also help you.

How do I check my student’s eligibility for the Pell Grant?

There are two programs in the FAFSA, and the difference between them is huge. Below’s what you need to check for yourself.

If the “no student” line is at the top you are okay. If it’s “yes,” it means that the student is eligible for the Pell Grant.

Is it OK to use other forms of government aid?

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