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For 2015, the state Department of Health Care Policy has developed and implemented a comprehensive new program. A DHHS employee must complete three months of service or have a referral to a healthcare provider, and the eligible participant must be a patient of a primary care facility with an active plan in place to provide mental health counseling. A waiver may be granted if the facility does not currently offer counseling services. These services are offered under a two-year pilot program.

What are the types of mental health counseling services that can be offered?

Mentally ill New Yorkers have the option of being enrolled in a one-month consultation session or at least two separate one-week consultation sessions. In addition to individual or group counseling (including but not limited to behavioral, emotional and spiritual issues), the DHHS provides a clinical practice team to participate in and oversee the entire process. A team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and other clinicians is assigned to the individual or group, based on age, history of illness, and level of risk.

How can I be contacted?

A list of crisis service provider locations can be found by going to http://www.nhcp.ny.gov/CrisisLine.

Do I have to be in NY state to participate?

No. Participants may participate from anywhere in the state.

Is the process pain-free?

No. Some individuals may have mental health crises, and we will need to call for an individual to contact an office to provide services. However, we will strive to be thorough. We will try to do our best to explain the process and find the best person for the job.

Will my mental health professional have the training or background to help me?

We cannot vouch for the effectiveness or quality of the services provided by mental health professionals in a particular office. The process is guided by best practices from outside the agency.

Can I contact my local DHHS office?

Please check the state hotline (518-260-8100), http://www.nhcp.ny.gov/CrisisLine, or the website at www.nyc.gov/dhhs.

Can I contact someone from out of state who could fill the gap?

At this time, it appears that the DHHS has no current resources to assist in filling the open positions in New York State.

How can I reach our office?

The NY State Telephone

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