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It is not so much to provide financial support, but to give you the knowledge and the ability to apply for support. For instance:

You can receive a grant to teach part-time for 3 months. Or, pay for tuition and fees for 3 hours a week.

You can apply to be employed for 3 months.

Or, if your business is small (or small in general) you can apply to receive a grant of $1000 to buy a few additional computers or equipment, or you can apply to be employed 3 hours a week.

What can we expect from the grant?

The grant will help you get by. To qualify the grant must be in the amount of at least $250

You will be provided access to your computer, equipment or training and will receive up to 2 workdays pay a week.

It is not enough to be qualified. It is a matter of meeting academic requirements. We ask that the amount you are granted be comparable to the amount we ask of most full-time students.

All grants are subject to a cost-of-living allowance (COLA) of 25% of the grant. A full list of the cost-of-living allowances and their amounts is provided in the Grant Information Sheet.

Other grants

If your application to study for a degree, certificate or diploma is not successful, the University may offer you other academic grants

If you are not able to finish a degree, certificate or diploma, the University may offer you additional financial support to help you complete your studies. Read more about non-degree and higher education

Other information

A copy of the document may be submitted along with your application. Please be sure to provide your full student details, which include name, address, nationality, date of birth, occupation, academic standing and contact details (where applicable) so that we can contact you and obtain additional information about your application.

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