What kind of grants are there? – Government Funding For Technology In Education

I’d be interested in hearing more about that.

We were talking about grants, but you just said: “We are going to fund and fund and fund.” It’s hard not to get cynical if they tell it like that, but there’s a couple points to make. First of all, when you see a government-initiated initiative, you have to take that seriously. There’s only so much money you can spend on something if it will never be seen by more than a small percentage of people.

Then there is the concept of ‘wish list.’ I don’t want to call them grants. A lot of them are really not grants at all. You can’t just throw money at any problem that you care about, unless you want to do a lot of damage to your organization.

There’s another point, which I can’t quite wrap my head around: you have to have the willingness to invest, because once you start spending money you have to plan for the consequences of every expenditure – if you don’t fund the right things or provide the right resources, what does that mean for the future?

Let’s talk about the grant. That seems to be this easy-to-use tool for things like funding and innovation. Why do you think that is?

If there is one single thing that is a critical piece to understanding what we are doing in the world today, it’s how we get access to information and information technology. If we can’t get this, in turn, it’s not going to be the case that in 10 years you’ll have a world that’s more transparent, more open and more inclusive. We have to start thinking about where we’ll end up and where we end up not. There are a lot of problems we have to solve but if we don’t get out there and start thinking about how we start solving them, how we get information to these people, how we start getting access to information and technology – that’s one of the main things that I think people are going to say is a big, important step when people see how successful The Internet of Things will actually be.

But what is the Internet of Things? It’s not a thing; it’s a system of tools to collect a bunch of information.

Yeah, exactly.

I wonder about that – what is it?

The Internet of Things is the fact that people are collecting their personal information, which includes information about how they live their lives and how

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