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The Department of Health is responsible for setting and administering grant awards, which are intended to make funding available to specific groups, programs or agencies. Grants are awarded by the Department of Health to specific research centers or sites of medical schools. The Department accepts applications from individuals, not from institutions. The Department’s priority in its annual grants program is to support research into the causes of cancer, with a particular emphasis on developing evidence-based clinical and prevention interventions. Grants are not available to entities other than federally supported researchers.

Information on grants available for the 2018 financial year is available online at: https://www.health.gov/grants-and-contracts/grants-and-contracts-2018.aspx

Why is the Department of Health interested in providing medical education in the United States to physicians?

The United States has the highest number of physicians per capita in the world, yet only 7 percent of physicians are physicians. Medical students have an important role to play in advancing the medical future by helping to create and distribute knowledge. The United States also has the best system for meeting the needs of future medical students by providing them access to the best high school programs around the country.

The availability of high-quality, quality-of-life teaching in primary-care settings is critical in addressing these health care professionals’ needs. In addition to the importance of access to this opportunity, the health care system is becoming more and more expensive as medical costs escalate. More and more physicians are choosing to practice in areas with high quality and affordable care—often outside of the local health care system—based on the knowledge the profession can provide. This trend highlights the need to ensure that the new physicians entering their fields can meet the needs of their future patients.

What are some of the benefits to the United States from physicians studying medical schools in the United States?

The quality of medical teaching in United States medical schools has increased substantially with the expansion of U.S. curricula. In addition, medical educators are increasingly able to provide high-quality patient-centered education, particularly in the areas of family medicine, infectious disease and end-of-life care. Finally, medical researchers are now able to focus their research on critical and growing issues in the medicine of today.

How can medical schools prepare their students for their jobs?

As they prepare for their first year at medical school, medical schools continue to provide a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Students attend their medical residency training in their

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