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An Iranian woman and her son were shot dead by three gunmen Friday morning after the women refused to have sex with one of the men.

The shooting took place near a police station in the northern city of Bandar Abbas. The assailants reportedly demanded the girl pay a ransom before killing her and her 16-year-old son.

The woman’s husband was at his home at the time, and reportedly tried to grab the gun from the assailants before they forced their way in.

One of the gunmen was a former police officer, Iranian Radio reported, citing police officers in Bandar Abbas.

The mother and son were reportedly killed after the first assailant shot the first, then tried to rob the third of the woman and son’s home, according to the BBC.

Iran’s Press TV reported that two people were arrested in connection with the killing in Bandar Abbas, but that their details were not immediately available.

Police said the woman was identified as Ghazanfar, who was shot to death. She had left her job with the Iranian embassy in Baghdad in January to open a massage parlor in Bandar Abbas, police officer Majid Haniye said.

The police officer said Ghazanfar was shot four times in the torso, chest, and back. The wounded man was taken to a hospital in Baghdad, but had undergone surgery, and was expected to survive, according to authorities.

The Trump administration’s initial attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act appeared doomed when several Republican Senators objected to the latest draft, but the vote was delayed until the week after Easter.

Now that GOP leadership has found a few more Republicans in line, the Senate Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act seems likely to pass. But the Senate Republicans hope to vote on a budget that would leave the Senate unable to actually pass a budget, which would stop it from passing at all.

Here’s what you need to know.

1) Budget Deficit: $9 Trillion

Jingle Bells - Free beginner Christmas piano sheet music ...
Republicans say they are using the Senate budget process to make up for spending reductions brought on by Obamacare. But the budget resolution

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