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Is music video production expensive?

No, but you need a good budget and equipment to make good videos.

How do you make a good music video?

Music videos need to feature your brand and a song or two. Make a video that is relevant to the music you are creating, which is very important.

How long is a music video worth?

If you follow this advice and your music video gets good ratings, it won’t last long. For example: A music video of one of the singers of Madonna has 4.4 million views. If you created one, it would take you about three or four months to make enough songs to cover that number. But if you made a music video with your business in mind, it will last up to 10 years.

An international team of researchers has discovered an unusual, unique structure in iron- and man-made materials and has published the findings in Nature.

Iron is an essential component to life, with all its unique physical and chemical properties, and it has been investigated for its use to improve some manufacturing processes. As well as the iron used in the manufacture of tools, the chemical properties of iron have often been studied. But until now, all the iron-containing substances have been isolated from their ore and subjected to X-ray crystallography to uncover their atomic structure.

Professor David Stine from the University of Edinburgh said: “The iron atoms on the right are arranged in a triangular-spired configuration, with a third iron atom at a very small distance from the two centre points. When we started the research our work was primarily focused on the discovery of the iron-containing compounds which had not been found before, and we were amazed by the number of unusual structures discovered. Now, after many years of searching, we have discovered a highly unusual structure in iron, which we think may well be a new element.”

Using a method called Raman spectroscopy, which uses X-rays to observe the absorption of light reflected from a material, the scientists were able to identify one of nine elements in the iron. This is a novel discovery as only two previously isolated compounds could have formed iron of this type.

Dr Alan McRae, lead of the analytical chemistry group at the University of Edinburgh added: “Iron has many unusual physical properties. It is difficult to describe these in a short paragraph, but our discovery is a wonderful example of one of these properties.”

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