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Does more RAM help? Yes. The CPU is still able to handle all that texture work, just keep an eye on the frame rate.

When is the most efficient time? 1 hour or less. When you start with 4-8 gigs in memory, it’s not that useful anymore.

Is more time consuming? No.

The US government has banned the sale of electronic cigarettes to anyone under 30, as the Department of Health and Human Services seeks to further the public health message that vaping is safer than smoking.

The proposed regulations on the products (which some have dubbed the “nanny state”) was announced by the Department of Health this week, and came as a result of two months of studies that concluded that there were significant health risks and harms associated with e-cigarettes. Although the regulation does not ban e-cigarettes altogether, it does limit the number of minors that could purchase them from the shops where they are sold to adults over 21 years old. Currently, they are available from vending machines, or purchased from other retailers.

The regulation also requires e-cigarettes with nicotine, such as nicotine patches and gum or liquid nicotine, to be labeled with a list of ingredients, their content, and the amount. It also limits the number of flavors that e-cigarettes can contain, and makes it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to individuals under 17 years of age, which the FDA considers to be the lowest age category, unless it can prove that the e-cigarette poses a public health threat.

The government’s attempt to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to minors seems justified. With a growing chorus of voices calling for tighter regulation of e-cigarettes, there are two reasons the FDA should want to further the public health message that vaping is not, in fact, a dangerous habit.

First, the FDA is not asking retailers to stop selling e-cigarettes to anyone younger than 21, rather they want to regulate e-cigarettes more strictly and ban any that contain nicotine in any amount. As the National Center for Public Health Research noted after a study showed that e-cigarettes can be found in more than 50 percent of e-cigarette sales, and as the FDA noted in a separate press release this week, nicotine in e-cigarettes “is no more addictive than is the nicotine used in traditional cigarettes,” it would be reasonable for them to ban nicotine-laced e-cigarettes.

That is unlikely that the FDA and tobacco companies would do this. The two companies have

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