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Can you put too much oil on a horse?

You’re going to have to make an exception for us, dear readers.

If you thought Google Fiber was awesome, wait until you see what Comcast does for TV (as if there’s anything good you could possibly want) in Kansas.

A recent article in The Economist, “Comcast is trying to make TV a little less great for consumers,” has sparked a bunch of questions here at Daring Fireball HQ, so we thought we’d take a look at just what Comcast plans to do to improve their cable TV.

(Read more about cable TV from the Economist: “What’s In Your Cable Bill? It’s Like a Bill for the Internet”),

First off, the good news: Comcast is making it more expensive to watch TV with a cable box if you’re on a high-speed Internet plan. So if you’re on a super-fast data plan, your TV will be slower. If you’re on a lower-specs plan, it will be faster. This change applies on the “best available” Internet plan at the time of purchase.

It’s not a big deal if you’re already on a TV package, because you’re already paying for “best advertised TV package available.”

If you can’t get Internet service through your provider on a high-speed connection, then all of this changes. You’ll have to sign up for an “up to” $250/mo to watch TV live at home in the Comcast Store or a “off-net” Internet service provider, or buy a separate package to stream live TV on a home connection at home.

Of course, Comcast currently hasn’t announced anything just yet, so there’s still the chance in hell that this could change.

(Read more about cable TV from the Economist: “Why Comcast’s Cable TV Isn’t Bad. But the Competition Is”, “What Is Comcast’s Internet Speed?),

You can also sign up for an “up to” $200 bill credit. If you’re on a “good” plan, you’ll get the free credit once you sign up, or you can renew for $20/mo. if you cancel less than 30 days before the end of the bill period. (This is what Comcast does, with a lot of Comcast customers.)

You can also sign up for a “no-money-down” monthly plan, which is supposed to save you lots of money, because it’s

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