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A small but important step for global peace and security:

The UN Security Council, to which the US and other members of the UN Security Council have invited parties to engage in negotiations for establishing a Middle Eastern/North African peacekeeping force (MENA).

The proposal will be discussed by all UN members in a general meeting on 21 December.

I will submit a letter endorsing to this general meeting a proposal for a UN-mandated Middle East/North Africa Peacekeeping Force to be headquartered in Egypt.

After the General Assembly has approved it, and I have received written and oral confirmation from the US President, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Defense Secretary William Perry, the first mission of this mission will be dispatched to the Sinai peninsula, from Morocco.

I am prepared to authorize the deployment immediately and the mission will then be launched in cooperation with the MSCA.

The mandate is to be a UN contingent, with a mandate to protect and distribute humanitarian aid, including in conflict zone communities.

The mission, when in place, will be tasked with preventing war and violence in such locations as the Sinai, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and will be responsible toward the maintenance of peace and stability in areas beyond its mandate.

After reaching an agreement with the MSCA, the first mission’s mandate will be withdrawn from Egypt.

While the Security Council will send representatives, and have sent the proposal, the mission will be a multinational force under the auspices of the MSCA.

In light of Egyptian protests against the UN forces being moved to the Sinai, the Security Council is prepared to invite the MSCA to take over the mandate.

This is something that many in the U.S. and Israel think may be necessary.

But it is clear that there are many who do not want this mission to be headed by the MSCA, and would be glad to see the mission moved to the UN at the earliest possible time.

This past weekend, I had an opportunity to meet