Why violin is the hardest instrument? – Is Guitar Or Violin Easier To Learn

Viola is the hardest for any musician in a classical music career. I have had very hard and intense performances, and that is something that I never see done with a guitar. I will not even use a double bass or a cello during my solos; there is too much pressure to make a high performance.

How did it feel to have been chosen?

In a short time I achieved my dream: I was accepted as a violinist in the international ranking of professional violinists. I would like to thank all my friends who have supported me and all the people who have supported me.

What would you have done differently to have been accepted?

The biggest thing that I would have done differently is to be more open and honest when talking about my personal problem which I feel many violin players have at some length. In my performances I would often find myself talking in a completely inappropriate way, or my performance would deviate from its character, and be far from the performance to which I would like it to go.

You have a long career as an independent cellist – so what would be your advice to aspiring violinists?

If you are passionate and dedicated, you will have a long career. It is a hard job. For the violin I would say, if you are a new violinist get your training through the music industry. Learn the craft, and play a few tunes to prepare your playing. Then study hard and focus on your work – and don’t allow your passion and desire to get in the way of your professional goals!

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