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I think it really depends on how you are using it. Because what we play the most is classical. [On the] violin, you can play it like the piano, and then you play the same thing in a different way, for example with a harp, and that’s the way we’re using and what we’re most comfortable with. The way you use it – the way you apply it, and if you are applying it in a way that you’re not really comfortable with, that’s when you can say it’s not the way you want to do it. In any case, the hardest part of the instrument is learning that, as I’ve said before, and if you want to play a lot of classical, and you play classical and you don’t have all the right notes, as soon as you get it, it’s like, “Oh! Now it’s on the other side of hard! Well that’s one thing we didn’t know.”

How did you get a guitar?

I went to the violin school, and it’s the school that they use now – I’m going to look into that. This was when I was like 23, so that was the last year of high school. I think I had more of, you know, a high-school education, but there were just a lot of people there. One of them was my girlfriend. I have a friend of this who now works with them, too. She teaches the violin too, and she used to teach music when I was in music class, and she came and I used to go there and that’s how the two of us eventually got together, and that was kind of the beginning of it. So the two of us got together with our families, my parents and the other one now my girlfriend’s parents.

Was she from another school?

Well, my girlfriend’s not my mom, so it kind of worked out! But the other one’s father was from another school, and my parents didn’t really know her – well, maybe they did know my sister and her boyfriends from before, but they didn’t really know her.

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You mentioned this violin school – so how did you end up getting the guitar?

I really enjoyed studying for my violin in school. It was the same kind of thing, but I think I got a lot more out of it. My violin teacher at the time, my violin teacher at the time was really like a mentor for me. He

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