How do you do the world’s best magic trick? – Magic Tricks Tutorial Coin Hard

I have a great plan! Come along, I’ll show you!”

The boy took Harry Potter down the side of the mountain and onto a rock far beneath their feet. But after a while, he could not bear to walk anymore. He took out his wand and began casting a spell. He raised his left hand and a bolt shot out, but it passed through the air without landing. Harry then turned to see what had killed the boy and began walking towards him again.

“We’ve been trying for three months. Can you be the best wizard in the world at anything?” he demanded.

The voice sounded familiar. “No way… I will kill you!” he said, jumping onto Harry’s back. “Oh, and did you hear what he said about me?”

The boy laughed in pain as a blue lightning bolt was about to hit them. He took aim and fired a spell which he had learned how to perform. It left a golden lightning bolt which landed in the mouth of a boy who looked up at the lightning and then gasped in pain.

“No!” he screamed, raising his wand and casting a spell that struck the boy’s wand. He took his left hand and held it over his right hand and fired another spell. This time the lightning bolt struck the boy’s spell and the spell disintegrated.

“Wow!” the man exclaimed. “So that’s how you use your magic? Your spells don’t disintegrate? If you are a real wizard, you should be able to destroy your own spells without being killed by a lightning bolt.”

“No I can’t that’s way too complicated” Harry insisted, pointing his wand at the man before him in shock. “What else is magic?!”

The man looked back at him with confusion in his eyes. “You’re telling me you learned all those spells but can’t use them?! That’s crazy! I never thought magic could be explained this way! How on earth did you even think to use magic?”

Harry took a step back and the man took a step forward. “Honey, are you a wizard or something?”

“Well, yes” said Harry quickly. “I’m a wizard, but I’m never going to be one because they think I’m nothing special…”

“Well, you certainly have a gift of magic to make up for it. The reason I’m here is to ask you one question. Why didn’t you say anything to Hermione when I

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