How do you make your arm float? – Youtube Magic Tricks Explained By Video

It’s like you’re wearing a little floaty rubber tube to float your arm! What does that feel like?

It really floats your arm and just makes everything feel better.

Where do you buy your rubber tubing? Have you ever heard of something called “the black market”?

The black market is very big, but mostly in Russia, but occasionally they make it back to North America.

So, what is the difference between “white” rubber tubing and black rubber tubing?

Just like black and silver metals, a rubber tube and a black rubber tube will have the same exact properties. They’re both just two different metals.

So, you’re using rubber tubing?


What do you call rubber tubing that’s heavier than a regular aluminum tube?

“Fat” tubing.

Now, you’re probably thinking that you don’t have to do any extra work to assemble your body by buying rubber tubing. I can put together a body in minutes by buying plastic tubing!


You’re getting extra work for free just for buying plastic tubing. There’s a big difference.

If you’re building a rocket engine, where should the center of mass be placed in the engine?

On the outside of the cone and not in the middle (at the top of your cylinder).

How to make my rocket engine work? I mean the rocket engine doesn’t work?

For a rocket engine to work you need to attach a small amount of fuel to the core and you need to make sure the fuel injector gets warm.

In order to cool the injector you need to run it under high pressure in order to get the fuel to turn and cool fast. That’s why the booster can fire so quickly.

Now you can put all the stuff you need in your little rocket compartment and run it like a rocket!

I got everything working. Now what?

Your rocket might not work right away.

The problem is most people just want to try it so they don’t have to wait to fix it.

A rocket engine is not about getting things to work right away.

It’s about testing your engine and getting feedback so that you can tweak your engine design and improve it.

A rocket will not work the first time. This is called a “launch delay”.

It has nothing to do with how much fuel the booster throws over

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