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While I have had many mechanical pencils since 1978, I am a loyal customer and have only given the old #1 #10s to friends as a gift. The “big” brand #2 pencil has been discontinued so I have only the 1 pencil I have, which I keep around. The new #2 pencil comes in a variety of colors and I really like them all. The #2 pencil is heavier than the older ones but the heavier weight makes it easier to handle, especially since you do not have that much resistance when you hit the “home” button. I also like that they have a #2 button instead of the #2 pencil with a #8 pencil and a #9 pen, because they use the older #1 pencil.

How is a mechanical pencil different than a normal pencil?

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It’s kind of an odd question, and I just don’t know. Just about everybody knows how to pull the pin out of a pencil or how to use a pencil. What you don’t know is why one type of pencil has a different shape than the other. I found out about this by testing it out on a few people. I used the pencil to write to me and they wrote back the same way. The first pencil had more grooves and looked more like a real pencil, so I thought I would give it a try to see what I would get. When a man I was working with told me, “it’s the shape” I guessed what was wrong and gave it a try. He was in disbelief of the fact I could really use a pencil with a nice groove inside.

Do you still use the “real” pencils?

At present, I use the #2 pencil and the #7 pencil. I used both when writing to the people I write with. But the #7 pencil had the grooves that the #2 had. I don’t know what you would call it but one is sharper that the other. I tried giving a couple to close friends for them to use and it was obvious they would like it. When I first tried it, a friend told me, “you are like your grandfather.” So, they were good friends. When I got to know the difference, I wanted to find a way to use the regular pencil.

Was there any other thing that you wanted to be able to do that a pencil couldn’t accomplish?

When a person can write to you with a pencil, is what I want to be able to

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