What are different types of drawing styles? – Pencil Drawings Simple Pics

The main difference between drawing styles is in their application and use.

To draw on paper, you usually use a brush on some surface (often a paper) that has just a small amount of shading information. Drawing by hand, on a surface with a small amount of shading information, requires you to add the amount of shading information needed to reach that color.

There are a few styles you can consider in order to express your style as well as get your ideas flowing:

A simple shading: The basic idea is for you to just draw the part of your picture that has the biggest difference of shading information; to draw the big part only, even if it’s in small details, it’s still a bit of a basic style. This technique works just fine for this technique type. Sometimes you even want to add a bit of depth as in the following two example.

Larger shading: In this variation of the technique you can get into a larger area which is just as big in its detail to express yourself.

A more detailed style: This style can be used in general. However you usually want to use more details. If you draw too many details you will create an excessive amount of shadow detail. You can also use this shading style in general to express a stylised atmosphere.

Using this shading style in this way allows you to draw small details that look good together. You can see it in the following example.

What is a type of drawing?

The two main types in drawing are the sketch style and the painting style.

The sketch style focuses on small, precise details. It is used most often (especially in the younger ages for which it’s especially useful) for the creation of simple pictures.

The painting style focuses on great detailing. Often it’s the style used for great paintings where you just have to convey your own style and the atmosphere of those images.

In this example a sketch style of drawing is used to express an idea of the mood of the character and the environment of the picture.

What are drawing techniques and techniques?

There are many drawing techniques and techniques that have been used by artists throughout time. The following diagram and comparison of three different drawing techniques shows your common use. This comparison is for illustration to show you the different techniques in different situations and situations that they apply. The diagram contains four different techniques:

Two handed pencil drawing

Ribbon drawing

Sketch style drawing

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