What does the term isometric sketch mean? – Pencil Drawing Of Horse

Is there more than one isometric sketch?

Well, to begin answering that, we need to back up a bit…

Before getting into the answer, let me make sure we all understand something about isometric drawings. There are many different forms of isometric sketches – we use isometric drawings that are different for different uses.

For me, the type of isometric which I call “static” is just a picture of a drawing with lots of straight lines. In this case, nothing is bending the lines (for example, it’s the lines that bend, as opposed to the points of the sketch). And the lines that are bending are the lines in the drawing.

Static isometric sketches tend to work well for this kind of drawing because they have a lot of straight lines, making the drawings very neat in the way that they get to the line edges, so the drawing looks very neat. But this is an old-style static isometric that might not work well for this kind of work.

And let’s say, as we have suggested above, there are different types of isometric drawings, each used in a very different way…

For example, you may use isometric drawings in a picture-painting style, where the lines are all drawn in nice little “hoses” (like the ones in the “A” example we used above). Or, in picture-painting, you may use isometric drawings at a much finer level where lines go far into the picture so that even lines that appear on a fine line can be used to construct a picture, if you put the right objects in the right places.

For instance, the “E” example from above has many lines that bend (or intersect) in such a way that each of them can be a single point without any other points being included in those lines.

If such a drawing is used in a picture-painting style, then the result looks fairly “artistic” because the lines are nicely shaped by the medium of the drawing. In contrast, a “static” isometric sketch is a very fine (or large) draw that is intended to be used as a surface for a drawing. (Some people may even like to call them isometric drawing – since the artist can’t work with them in a drawing-style, so they are isometric…but that isn’t what I meant in answer to the question above. I meant that these drawings tend to work well for painting.)

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