What is the history of sketching? – Simple Pencil 3D Drawings For Beginners

Are there any famous people who are famous for sketching? And what is a sketch?

There are few, many famous people who are famous for sketching, although George Lucas, Steve Jobs and Mark Twain are among some famous examples.

How did it start? What was the original purpose for sketching? What is a good sketch? Can a sketch be good? Why do people like to draw?

Answers to these questions, plus links to books on sketching, will be provided.

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In the fall of 2014, an American soldier was shot in the head by a fellow soldier in a crowded parking lot in Helmand, Afghanistan. The man, a 19-year-old British soldier, was trying to kill him; it was the latest and perhaps most brazen atrocity in a trend that now encompasses entire armies, in the hands of the very troops themselves.

An Afghan soldier watches as a wounded U.S. soldier on his bed is taken to a hospital. (Photo: Zubeidat Stan, USA TODAY) Story Highlights A young British soldier is accused of the massacre

It’s the latest such case involving U.S. service members

Taliban fighters have been among those accused of targeting NATO forces

HELMAND, Afghanistan — Sgt. First Class William “Ryan” Cairns, an American soldier from Fort Bragg, N.C. , and a 23-year-old British soldier from the Army’s 3rd Battalion the Grenadier Guards were among three killed and 21 others wounded Saturday in a horrific shooting in a Helmand province parking lot at the end of a patrol.

Afghan officials confirmed that a third U.S. soldier was shot and wounded in the attack and survived, after he was taken to a nearby military hospital.

The attack on Cairns, Sgt. First Class Ryan H. Hester and Cpl. James T. Coughlan, as well as one of Coughlan’s friends, were the latest instance of “green-on-blue” killings, in which U.S. soldiers shot to death

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