What is the history of sketching?

I have always drawn, but in the past 3 years, I have only sketched a few times, mostly for the school yearbooks.

What do you think of modern sketching?

If you want to get into art, to get good, you first have to learn how to do the basic steps. The best way is to practice drawing at your own pace, for a few days, or for a few weeks, in a sketchbook. This helps to prepare you for the harder challenges. However, sketching is much easier during the summer time, when there are few people around, and you have the freedom to do it whenever you want. On a normal day, you draw once.

Did you study drawing with your parents, in school, at home?

At home, I did not learn drawing until my late teens or twenties. My dad was a painter, and my mom studied acting. I learnt the basics really early, from my grandfather. Later on, I also studied classical art and a bit of painting. I also started drawing on paper first, as I started drawing more often when I was a teen.

Do you prefer to draw with pencil, or using computers and pens?

I prefer pen and paper as the most natural way. The computer is a good tool for sketching, but it does not provide the same feeling of drawing.

What has been your sketching journey so far?

This is the longest and the most difficult part, to learn how to draw. I have tried many models: pens, pencils, even my brother’s crayons, but until now, the one that worked best is a cheap pen called a “stamp”.

What do you wish to change for the next sketches?

I just want to get better at drawing. Also, I want to continue experimenting and developing my drawings. Drawing can take different forms: as a landscape or as a character. I always want to be doing what I think is attractive.

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