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The typical pencil is used to draw very small pieces of the scene or action on to paper. When you need to create high resolution images that you want to share with a friend or a client this is typically a pencil that you need to draw. It’s worth noting, however, that this has never been an absolute requirement or rule. As an editor or artist you can use your imagination or a pen and pad and make something more artistic by filling them in.
JC02 - Jesus Christ Pencil Sketch Art

One of the things that comes to me more often than I would like is requests for what type of pencils might work best with my own sketches. So I decided to try out several different styles and to see what works best for me. Here are some of my findings:

1. Graphite, inks

Graphite is one of the most affordable pencils on the market and it makes for a great, flexible tool. You can start with either the standard Graphite or premium graphite, which cost different amounts, but the difference in how they produce looks isn’t as severe.

I found Graphite to be the best medium for drawing high-resolution images. If I’m trying to get something large or complex to be able to share or edit out later I usually start with a thicker, more opaque graphite because I see that it requires more ink.

But Graphite does create some problems for me for several reasons. I like to mix it up a lot. I like to look at different styles to get a feel. Usually I’ll mix both inking styles into one pencil, and sometimes I’ll mix everything and draw in different styles. And for some of the larger images I’m drawing graphite gives me a chance to experiment with a very large canvas, or at least a much larger piece of paper. The ink of Graphite is not as transparent as it is the premium line. It would be hard for my art to come out right if I tried to use it exclusively to create high quality high-res images.

2. Glimmer, inks

Another great tool is the Glimmer, inks by Leuchtturm 1917, which is made in Germany. The Glimmer is a very low-priced pencil. The price is similar to Graphite. It is made out of a very fine, thickened graphite, which is why it’s very stable. I’ve found that I create high-resolution images with this medium.

This gives me a great opportunity

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