Can a tattoo be surgically removed? – Tattoo Removal Machines Touch Screen Q-Switched Nd Yag Laser Cost

Not that the tattoo is permanent! A lot of people are interested in that so we can provide that.

Can I get more than one? Yes! Please ask that if you have more than one tattoo. We can make additional tattoos to add to your order.

Can I add my logo or brand to my tattoo? No. Please don’t ask, since it can be a difficult process and it could cost you over £1000.

Can you customize it to suit my needs, say if it’s for the beach, the gym, in the car etc? Yes we’re available to customize orders depending on what you’re wanting to do. If it’s a beach tattoo you can go for the original design. If it’s for a gym or gym related tattoo, it will be different for your needs.

Can I tattoo on my arms? Yes! We can provide any custom design you like, for free.

Can I get a custom head tattoo. Yes, of course.

Where can I find more information, such as tutorials or how to do what I want? You can find information in other languages on our page.

Is my tattoo safe and what should I do about bacteria? Stitch will take your tattoo on your body like a new tattoo for a minimum of 3 days. If there are any issues with it we will do a full refund to your card.

Will I need a nurse or can you show me how to do the tattoo after I’m done? Because it’s tattooing and not surgery, we use a nurse that will guide you during the tattooing process and help clean and prepare your skin. However, you will need to do the procedure according to your wishes and we are not responsible for any complications that you have as a result of the tattooing process.

Where can i get my tattoo removed for free
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