Can you remove yellow tattoo ink? – Wrecking Ball Tattoo Removal Cream Review

Yes, it is fairly easy and involves a little bit of rubbing alcohol. After the ink is removed you can then re-apply the wax with the following instructions: Cleaning the tattoo,

Take a piece of paper (I use a small piece) and roll it into a thin rectangle. Lay the tattoo on a flat surface and press the paper against the skin and let it sit for about 30 seconds (I use the side of a book, not a desk to see how long it would be) Remove any excess oil (you may need to dab some of it off)

Spray the tattoo with a little bit of alcohol (I use 1-2 drops)

Repeat until you have applied enough alcohol to wash off any remaining ink

Remove the paper and let sit for a bit more and allow it to dry,

If you can find a nice white paper, put a small piece on and lay the tattoo on it. This will prevent it from drying out too much. It is often the case you have to use a lot of alcohol for a little bit of color to get everything. If you still are not happy with the color, apply more alcohol or try a different color.

Can you remove red ink? Not really. The red ink has absorbed some of the wax and is quite thick, which will make it difficult to get rid of. It is possible to get some very thin red ink with a razor blade, however I cannot say if it works as well as red waxed tattoo!

The best approach is to take a small piece (the size of a pencil or pen) of paper, or a similar object that is clean and dry.

Lay your tattoo on top of it, and then use your razor blade or razor to gently clean and smooth the side of the paper. You may also need to make a small cut to get the edge of the tattoo off. Some people suggest using an old card or plastic card as a guide, this helps.

When you have cleaned the ink, be sure to clean off the area to the fullest extent possible, I usually like to put some acetone on the piece I am trying to remove and then rub the paper under the needle with the paper still on it to get much of the paint off.

I also use some alcohol on the edge of an old pencil (not the back) to take away the paint that was left and this may help remove it as well.

Can you remove black tattoos? Yes

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