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Not much. How often do they take it off? Every day.

Why? So dealers can charge more. But what happens to the money that’s left in their pocket—especially in a time of limited income?

The government isn’t interested in regulating dealers like they did at the turn of my time in this land. The government is already in the process of doing just that. But if it isn’t, dealers are going to stay as they are… and you will just have dealers with more money on tap.

The solution is simple. Let’s take the profits and reinvest them in this nation’s economy. Make sure dealers have an honest day job. Provide their employees the right education, training, and other services. Help them pay back their student loans if they don’t. And keep dealer taxes small and targeted at dealers at the margins.

The last thing we need in this country is for our government to be a bunch of cartels and cartels of dealers. And you’d know it if it got to that point.

This post is part of a series on what I hope to do when I be governor of Pennsylvania.
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The most important element of a good story is what you don’t show to the reader. It’s impossible to convey a story without mentioning how it came to be; it’s impossible to build a world without mentioning what that world consisted of – unless, of course you’re one of those people who just want to say it was the beginning of something, or it was the end of something. But what do we do when we’re describing something? What do we do when we just describe the beginning of something or the finale of something? The difference is, when we’re actually doing it, we can’t do that. So it makes sense to use metaphor rather than simply showing what happened.

I’m going to use this analogy as an example of another trope, that of “A Tale of Tales”. Here’s how “A Tale of Tales” would be applied to the characters:

A king died, and his son died with him. They buried him in the graveyard below the castle, the first time anybody had ever been buried there. They buried their father’s ashes there, too. Then they left it to grow for several ages… Then suddenly a messenger-man got a letter from a rich man in the country. His father had been a very wealthy merchant, who had had a very long and successful career… And he saw that that rich man’s old age

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